• Treasured Trellis B&B June 2011

    Hi all
    I have received many emails from people saying that they cannot find the 4x6mm oval pearls used in the Treasured Trellis (Pearl filigree) pattern from B&B June 2011.
    Shipwreckbeads usually stocks these pearls but because so many people bought the pearls when the pattern was published, they have sold out. They are trying to restock as soon as possible.
    In the meantime, i wanted to show you that you can use Czech fire-polished 4x6mm oval beads as a substitute
    I am showing two pics below, the first is the bracelet made using the oval pearls and the second is the same bracelet made with the fire-polished oval beads.
    As you can see, the fire-polished beads work just as well and there is a much greater range of colors available.