Bead Pattern - Art Deco Fish Pendant - Peyote Stitch

Bead Pattern - Art Deco Fish Pendant - Peyote Stitch
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This gorgeous pendant matches the Art Deco earrings and bracelet. The pendant is designed in peyote stitch, but you can turn the graph and use brick stitch if you wish. This pattern is also available in a set with the Art Deco fish earrings and bracelet.

Be aware that brick stitch is stiffer than peyote, so if you do use brick stitch, the pendant may curl at the edges. If it does, put in between the pages of a book for a few hours to flatten it out. You MUST know how to increase in peyote or brick stitch, there are no stitch instructions, The pendant measures 3.0 inches in width and 2.0 inches in height.

The pattern includes a large color graph, bead counts and color suggestions. 

Materials: 11/o Delica beads, beading needle, thread

Advanced beaders

Beautifully stitched by Bethel Anthony

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